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The Wheel of Change

Everything changes regardless of greatness or importance. Mighty empires have dawned, lived, and vanished. Magnificent masterpieces were created, praised, and inspired. Art, culture, history, and life as a whole continue to go on through time. A journey through time. Behold the might and glory of a nation during the golden age. The wheel of change may change, yet it cannot change the will of Iran. 

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17Days Tour

Main Cities:Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Kerman, Zein-o-Din, Yazd, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan, Qom



  • Day Itinerary Description Over Night


    Arrival To Iran

    •  Departure from home and head to Iran. You will most likely arrive in Iran in the midnight or early morning according to the most international flight schedules heading to Iran. Your arrival should be in the next morning.
    • ( This day will not be counted as one of your tour’s day)

    To Walk


    • Sight Seeing: Iran National Museum, Tehran Bazaar, Golestan Palace
    • Hello Iran!

      Arrival in Iran. You will be greeted at the airport by your guide and then transferred to your designated hotel to check in, rest and get ready to begin your memorable journey in the morning. You will be met at the hotel to start your first day of your tour in Tehran. Walk along the history in Iran National Museum. Feel the society in person while you travel by metro to get to Tehran bazaar and Golestan Palace.




    • Sight Seeing: Saadabad Palace Complex, Darband Valley
    • One more day in Tehran to visit the other side up in north of the city. Visa Sa’adabad palace Complex and also Darband Valley to taste the yummy Iranian food in a great atmosphere, also have the chance to meet People. 




    • Sight Seeing: Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, Nadir Shah Afshar Tomb, Mashhad Bazaar
    • Mashhad is home to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, the eight Shi’ite imam. The great building and its marvelous golden dome not only represent a great image of Islamic architecture, but also it opens a real image to Islamic culture for us. Also to visit Nadir Shah Afshar tomb, the Iranian king and bazar in Mashhad. 
     4 car Flight


    Mashhad (103 KM)– Ahvaz

    • Sight Seeing: Ferdowsi Mausoleum, Torqabe
    • Mashhad is also home to the best Saffron in the world. On this day you will visit Ferdowsi mausoleum in Toos, near Mashhad and also Torqabe. Return to Mashhad and take a flight to Ahvaz.




    —Shushtar—Ahvaz (308 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Susa Museum,Apadana Palace, Choqa ZanbilZiggurats,  Shushtar WaterGrinders
    • Are you ready to endure a little bit of heat in exchange of visiting one of the first centers of the civilizations?

      Susa museum, Apadana Palace, Choqa Zanbil ziggurats and Shushtar water grinders are your stops for today.

      No need to worry, cool refreshments and umbrellas are at your disposal.


    Ahvaz–Shiraz (506 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Bishapur City, Sassanid Bas–reliefs
    • A 506 km drive is ahead of you to get to Shiraz. Before getting there you will visit Bishapur city & Sassanid bas –reliefs. Enjoy the scenery. There are plenty of interesting stops along the road for you not to get bored. Be ready to chick in and rest at the hotel to begin your journey fresh for tomorrow.



    • Sight Seeing: Eram Garden, Karim Khan Castle, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Pink Mosque, Qavam House,  Hafez  Mausoleum
    • The morning will be inspiring and relaxing while you walk in Eram garden.Join the time machine to go back to 18th century when Karim Khan Zand ruled over Iran from Shiraz. Visit Arg-e-Karim khan (Castle), Vakil bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar.After lunch and having a bit of a rest at the hotel, you will visit Pink (Nasir al-Mulk) mosque, Qavam House(also widely called "Narenjestan e Ghavam"). The evening will be inspiring in Hafez Mausoleum as your last sightseeing today.



    —Shiraz (278 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Persepolis, Necropolis, Pasargadae
    • You will have the chance to visit of the smallest details, reliefs and the greatest of sculptures in your visit to the Persepolis and the Necropolis (Naqsh-e-Rostam). Then to visit Pasargadae, tomb of Cyrus the great. 




    (570 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Salt Lake, Sassanid Palace, Ganjali Khan Bath, Ganjali Khan Bazaar
    • Time to hit the road again, you are going to Kerman. On the road you will taste some figs of Estahban, visit the salt lake and Sassanid palace in Sarvestan. After checking your hotel in Kerman, you will experience how a public bath could be when you visit Ganjali Khan public bath, as well as Ganjali Khan bazaar. To go to Yazd, you will go through desert.


    Kerman–Mahan–Rayen–Bam—Kerman (429 Km)

    • Sight Seeing : Rayen Citadel, Prince Garden, MausoleumofShah Nemat-OlahVali
    • “Kolompe” (special date cookies from Kerman) is what you will start your day with in Kerman. On the road you will visit Rayen Citadel, Prince Garden and ThemausoleumofShah Nemat-OlahVali, respectively. You may be tempted to meditate there, if Sufism is your style. Optional: great opportunity for anyone interested in shouting in desert or to Visit Bam ( you can choose one) 



    –Zein-o-Din (443 KM)

    Sight Seeing: Meymand Village, Zein-o-Din Caravanserai

    • Before getting to Zein-o-Din you will visit the unique Cappadocia style village of Meymand.

      Good news is that first you will stop at TheZein-o-Din Caravanserai to take a cool shower, have dinner and enjoy the clear sky for a night.


    Zein-o-Din–Yazd (77 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Water Reservoir, Wind Towe, Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd Grand Mosque, Water Museum,Fire Temple, Silence Tower, Zurkhaneh
    • Do you know the secrets of living in desert, the way people of Yazd have used them to preserve themselves? By visiting water reservoir, wind tower, Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd Grand mosque, Water Museum, Fire Temple and Silence Tower, the secrets will be revealed. Zurkhaneh; the old traditional gym of Iran, is your last stop for today.




    –Isfahan (325 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Ice House, Qanats, Nain Jame Mosque, Naqsh-e- Jahan Square
    • You are heading to Isfahan. You will get familiar with Ice-House, Caravanserai and Qanats ( Water System) in Meybod and one of the oldest Jame Mosques of Iran; Nain Jame Mosque. After arriving Isfahan, we recommend you for an evening walk in Naqsh-e- Jahan Square. 

     To Walk


    • Sight Seeing: Jame Abbasi Mosque, Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque, Aali Qapu Palace, Chehel Sotoun Garden Palace
    • Iranian say “Isfahan is half of the world”. The reason behind this saying is that the second biggest square in the world “Naqsh-e-Jahan” is actually there. Other fabulous monuments like Jame Abbasi and Sheik lutfullah Mosques and A’ali Qapu palace, Chehel Sotoun garden palace are what you will visit today.



    • Sight Seeing: Vank Armenian Cathedral, Isfahan Grand Mosque
    • No, we have not forgotten to take you to Vank Armenian Cathedral (also known as Holy Savior Cathedral) and Isfahan Grand Mosque. Would you like to Taste yummy “Biryan”? In the afternoon, you will have some time to reflect on your day while you are in the middle of the square again.



     (257 KM)

    • Sight Seeing: Abyaneh Village, Sialk Hills, Fin Garden, Tabatabaee House, Seyed Mir Ahmad Bath, Kashan Bazaar
    • Imagine a village in the mountain with red houses and a rich culture, with men and women dressed in a special costume, each has a different meaning; that is it, you are going to “Abyaneh”. You will never forget it. Call it a day while you are heading to Kashan.You will visit the 7000-year old Tepe Sialk (also known as Sialk hills) and Fin Garden. You are not leaving Kashan without visiting at least, one of the few grandiose houses like Tababtabee’s. Up on the roof you can see Seyed Mir Ahmad bath and bazaar.


    Kashan–Qom–Tehran (255 KM)

    • Qom, Iran’s Vatican, is possible to visit on your way to Tehran. Back to Tehran again. Enjoy the last day of your journey in the capital.



    Flight Back Home

    •  Say good bye to the land of hospitality and mystery.
    • It is an Iranian tradition to pour a bowl of water with few orange leaves in it, on the ground to wish you a good return back home. Tonight you will head back home.
    • ( This day will not be counted as one of your tour’s day)


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