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Foods & Drinks in Iran

  •   Written by Sady Qavipisheh
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1. What kind of meat usually is served in Iran?

The meat usually served in the restaurants is chicken, veal, fish and lamb. Turkey, quail and shrimp also available, but no pork, snake, frog, dog or other kinds.

2. What about the vegetarians?

The vegetarians can order raw or cooked vegetables in the hotels as well as restaurants. It is also recommended to let your tour guide know about it beforehand so that he/she can arrange it for you, because in some restaurants people need to be already informed. That is because it is not so popular in Iran to be a vegetarian. Please note this is for standard vegetarians and not vegans, since it is too difficult to cater by eliminating all dairy and other requirements of vegans. Vegetarians may have to order special prepared food, in case no vegetarian food is available.

3. What kind of drink is served in Iran?

Coffee is almost served in any coffee shop or tea-house all around the big cities. In the hotels' lobbies and coffee shops almost in all cities and towns and even in some restaurant coffee is served. You can buy any kinds of soft non-alcoholic drinks. There are Iranian made drinks as well as international brands served everywhere. People drink tap water. It is filtrated and refined before supplied to them. Alternatively, you can take Iranian bottled water prepared according to the international standards for both domestic and export uses. Additionally, rosewater and douq which are traditional Iranian drinks are served in almost any restaurants.

4. What about alcoholic drinks and beverages?

No matter in what form,  it is forbidden to have alcoholic food or beverage, to trade with alcohol, and to serve alcohol. 

5. What kind of bread do the Iranians have?

Iranian bread is flat, and varying. Different sorts of flat bread, baked in traditional ways, is available.

6. What does the Iranian food usually taste?

Iranian food is delicately flavored with organic herbs and mild spices such as dill, tarragon, saffron and turmeric.

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