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Dress Code in Iran

  •   Written by Sady Qavipisheh
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1. What is the Dress Code in Iran?

“Hijab” or the Islamic dress-code is a necessity in Iran. However such rules are not observed strictly, especially for tourists and foreigners. 

In general, the rules are quite simple: for men, no short pants or extreme short sleeve . For women, head and hair must be covered, and it is also necessary to cover the body including neck, arms, and legs.

2. Is there any color restriction?

There is no such thing at all. You can freely choose whatever color you wish to stylize your clothing.

3. Is it mandatory to wear "Chador"?

No, not at all. Chador is a form of dress which is worn by some ladies in Iran. While wearing it is not a must, in some places such as mosques, holy shrines, and generally religious places all ladies are to wear one.

4. What to wear in general?

Ladies can choose to wear among a vast variety of a loose cloth called "Manteau" which is similar to a light overcoat to cover the body. And to cover the head and hair, ladies can use some kind of shawl or a scarf. Jeans and khakis can be worn to cover the legs. Also ladies can wear sandals with bare feet.


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