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When is the Best Time to Travel Iran?

  •   Written by Sady Qavipisheh
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April and May are months of spring in Iran and the weather is like Heaven! Fantastic! Best months of year to visit Iran! But remember you won’t have much travel about weather in Iran in any other months too because Iran is a four season country and you can go visit snow mountains and in less than one hour you can have a flight and start a desert safari tour! The best times to visit Iran is from mid - April to early June and late September to early November. Visit Iran during the summer months (June - September) for the sunshine and regional festivals (see also Iran Desert ToursIran Trekking ToursIran Camping & Nomad Tours) and during the winter months (November - March) for skiing (see also Iran Ski ToursIran Mountain Climbing Tours). So no matter what time you choose to go, Iran is a great place to travel all year round. Due to it's large size, varied topography, differing altitudes, divers climate and unique geographical location, Iran offers you a memorable journey no matter when you visit. Cities like TehranShirazIsfahan, and Yazd can be visited every four seasons. Classical Tour of Iran is the best choice should you feel to travel Iran any time of the year.

Being a vast country; Iran has regions with different temperatures even at a specific period of time. In fact it offers all sorts of climates and conditions. Depending on the season and the areas you plan to visit, you need to pack accordingly. All seasons have their own attractions. Thanks to such a diverse geography, you may have all kinds of climates in any season. The weather may be humid, dry, hot or cold depending on where you are. Therefore, you may be able to enjoy winter and summer sports at the same time within a few hours.

See also Geography of IranClimate of Iran, and Nature of Iran for more detailed Information.

High Season (Mar–May):

  • Ideal temperatures in most of Iran.

Shoulder Season (Jun–Oct):

  • Warmer weather in June.
  • September and especially October temperatures more moderate than summer.

Low Season (Nov–Feb)


There are 3 periods and occasions in which traveling to Iran may feel different:

  • The two weeks surrounding Nowruz: Expect heavy traffic both in the cities and on the roads. It’s the Iranian holyday, so everyone is traveling.
  • The ten days prior to Ashura: During these ten days there are some street moaning ceremonies in the evening in all cities. Cities like Yazd have some unique ceremonies like Nakhl Ceremony. (See also Yazd City Tour for more information)
  • The month of Ramadan: During this month all Muslims practice fasting. Most restaurants are closed between dawn and dusk. But as a tourist you need not worry; hotels’ restaurants are available and serve meal for non-Muslims and tourist.


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